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Meat & Poultry Retail Presentation

The presentation shows a new retail company by Hakim Ganiev who is one
of the most famous chefs of the Central Asian cuisine in Russia. It starts with
the brief info about the chef as a television personality, an author of cookery
books and a mastermind of a new company named "Shashlik Hakima Ganieva" ("Kebab by Hakim Ganiev"). Then step by step it describes a whole process
of the meat & poultry production, packaging, storage and even cooking.

  • Role: Graphic Design + Print Preparation
  • Client: Ognenaya Eda (Fire Food), LLC
  • Location: Moscow (Russia)
  • Date: June 2017

The company sent me around 300 photos and I chose just 5 of them for the collage on the cover. They especially like the hidden plate and the orange-saffron match.
A couple of photos had missing parts because of the wrong angle choice by a photographer and I had to reconstruct them in Photoshop.
A triangle is a perfect frame for the whole text information and it gives a necessary space to demonstrate the photos.
The presentation comes in two versions: one for the print and one for the web (the difference is the file weight).
I created 20 pages in total but only 16 of them are in the final version according to Hakim Ganiev's wish.
The Fergana Plov (Pilaf) recipe by Hakim Ganiev on a TV show.