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Scientific Journal Cover

The Political Linguistics Journal is one of the leading Russian academic periodicals
in the field of humanities and works under the roof of the State University.

The cover design is an extension of the logo I've created for the journal first
so it follows the same ideas. Basically it's about the puzzle and the magnifying glass
which are the metaphors widely used in the linguistical research.

  • Role: Graphic Design
  • Client: Ural State Pedagogical University
  • Location: Ekaterinburg (Russia)
  • Date: May 2014

A moderately bright and catchy cover of the journal is a perfect container for a plain text inside it.
The puzzle pattern symbolizes a boundless ocean of phenomena to investigate with the special instrument ("optics") — the magnifying glass.
Green, blue and orange are the flag colours of Ekaterinburg where the journal is.
The journal has a print version to spread among the collegues and a web version to download from the official website.