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Architectural Bureau Presentation

The presentation shows the most significant projects by the Avangard Bureau which engineers power plants, bridges, supply networks, airports, malls, condominiums, houses and much more.

My task was to adapt the information about new projects to the actual visual identity of the company and make some improvements of the content.

  • Role: Graphic Design + Print Preparation
  • Client: Avangard, LLC
  • Location: Moscow (Russia)
  • Date: November 2016 - March 2017

A style of the presentation reminds an engineering drawing with pencil lines and frames.
First pages are reserved for the general information about the company and the list of its services.
The logic of the presentation is showing the projects from the highly complex to the simple ones.
Each page combines a couple of photos, a description and a building map (if available).
The presentation has two versions: one for the print and one for the web (the difference is the file weight).
I created 35 new pages and modifyed 4 more according to the existing brand-book of the company.
A total amount of pages in the presentation is 70 but here you can observe only my work (except the cover).