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Beauty Salon Table Tent & Flyer

Denis Averianov is one of the well-known fashion stylists in Moscow region
who works primarily on television channels such as MTV, FashionTV and others.
He opened his own beauty salon in 2010.

Since then the studio offers the option with the gift cards but they remains unpopular. So he asked me to make a flyer and a table tent for the promotion.

  • Role: Graphic Design + Print Preparation
  • Client: Denis Averianov Concept Studio, LLC
  • Location: Moscow (Russia)
  • Date: December 2014

The studio offers three cards — on 1.000, 3.000 and 5.000 roubles.
The nail polish on the hand matches the corporate colours of the studio.
As a table tent on a reception it attracts the attention of much more people.