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Travel Agency Brochure

Dorada-Tours organizes different trips and excursions in big european cities
such as Saint Petersburg and others.

I made a small brochure about one of the excursions dedicated to the Decembrist uprising members and places where they lived in the city. This is one of my very first graphic design and commercial works.

  • Role: Graphic Design + Print Preparation
  • Client: Dorada-Tours, LLC
  • Location: Moscow (Russia)
  • Date: March 2005

The cover shows the main sights of the city and the name of the excursion — In the Footsteps of the Decembrists.
The reverse side of the brochure is decorated by the silhouette of the city and photos of the Decembrists homes.
Since the topic is small there was no need to use the whole space of the brochure for advertising.